Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Book Haul

safe to say Ashlee and myself have been MIA for a while, whoops. going to try to be more active in the coming months/forever haha (:
anyway, I'm super excited, look what I got for Christmas yesterday :3 if only I could figure a way to get them all to fit into my bookcase, that will be an adventure, and I plan to tackle it as soon as I've finished with this, I also need to decide what books to bring with me back to the city D: always hard. AND I have a review to write ;) perhaps I'll get this all done tonight. while I'm at it, I've been wanting to make a master list of all of them :o but that will probably have to wait, there are a nice few. and by "nice few" I mean around 250..................... I have a problem, and I clearly need help, as I will soon be able to build a house out of them :B lalala
anyway, this is what I got:
I'm beyond stoked :D haha
Happy Holidays, lovelies 
xoxo Megan

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