Sunday, September 16, 2012

Extreme Book Haul

lookie what I got ;)
recent book purchases, no I didn't get all of this at once, but  this is what I've collected since my last post. my goodness. (I'm up to 50$ worth of point on my plum card, btw) 
first of all, the only things that arent new in this picture are my bedspread and beloved wild african ass plush (thats a real animal, fyi. they're cute and I've had people not believe they're real...) 
anyway, my dear blackberry torch died recently and so my replacement bb bold 9900 is here sporting a pink case, I do love, though I wanted the white phone and I find myself missing the big screen of my old one :( boo but oh well. also my new kabuki brush, Secret Wonderland spray, Famstand Apple candle, Love Love Love, and Sweet on Paris cream from Bath and Body Works, a Hello Kitty bookmark, my Shades of Fame eye palette by Smashbox, and a lovely eyeliner pencil by Urban Decay called Electric. woo :D

now down to The Books left to right, top to bottom:
links to the goodreads pages
aww yeah books.
xoxo Megan 

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