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Review: The Way We Fall (Fallen World #1)

The Way We Fall (Fallen World #1)
by Megan Crewe
Released January 2012

 From the Jacket:
When a deadly virus begins to sweep through sixteen-year-old Kaelyn’s community, the government quarantines her island—no one can leave, and no one can come back.
Favourite Quote:
“When I got there, I folded up Meredith’s cot, dragged her into my room, and turned on some old dance music I haven’t listened to in ages. Because if we don’t celebrate the things that are going right, what’s the point in hanging on?” (p. 136)
Wow. This story is told from a first person point-of-view in a journal format. The protagonist, Kaelyn, writes entries to her friend Leo, describing to him the details of the outbreak and quarantine on their home island. While you might think this would get increasingly annoying after a while, the book easily reads as simply a first person pov that only makes reference to Leo every once in a while. I sometimes forgot that she was writing to anyone in the first place, and I think this makes the story easier to read and more enjoyable. Some people have criticized the novel for this, but I believe it allows the story to be told more smoothly and effectively.

When I finished the story and had a chance to sift it over in my mind, I realized that a bloody lot happened in this book! Kaelyn is tested emotionally and mentally again and again throughout the story due to the consequences of the outbreak and quarantine. Every aspect of her life is drastically affected and she comes out on the other end of the novel a changed person. How could she not?

I loved the relationships between the characters. They were real and believable. I actually laughed at Kaelyn’s thought process when she was falling for Gav, because I’ve thought the same things myself before. She’s a very down to earth and relatable character. I also loved Gav, and I got excited every time I saw his name on a page. He’s just an all around good guy and you can’t help but love him! I’m so excited to see what happens in their relationship in the next book! Team Gav vs Team Leo, maybe that’s what’s to come? Definitely Team Gav! :)

I was first upset by the ending of The Way We Fall because I felt like there were several unanswered questions. I then found out online that this is the first novel in Megan Crewe’s new Fallen World trilogy. This changed the story for me. Now I see The Way We Fall as a much needed foundation for the stories to come - the detailed events that happen in this novel are only setting the pace for the next instalment. It explains what happened to these characters: how they lost the ones they loved, and how they still managed to get through it - together. Now I am extremely eager to read the next book, The Lives We Lost, which is set to be released in 2013 - such a long wait! :(

Living on an island myself off of the mainland of Canada, I could easily relate to the feelings of isolation and distress described by the characters in The Way We Fall. For me, this just made this book even more awesome! :) I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to anyone looking for a very believable dystopia - you definitely feel like it could happen at any time, anywhere!

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  1. This book sounds really interesting! I think I might just check it out! I get so excited when I find out a book I just read is a series but I didn't know it while I was reading it lol

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